Change of legal entity:

When Falcon Media was founded in 1994 the business dipped its toe into the IT world by providing IT services to both domestic and business clients. At this time there was an ever increasing demand for the supply of personal computers and peripherals. Falcon Media not only supplied ready made PC's out of the box from existing manufacturers such as Dell, Compaq, Fujitsu, HP etc but built its own systems from scratch and they were tailor made for our clients needs.

At this time our pricing was so competitive we regularly undercut the big box shifter's prices and added extra value. Our PC's went out the door with a distinctive domed badge showing the original logo. (We actually had one of our early PC's back a few months ago - The client was replacing it with a new one however this one was still running without any issues. It was running Windows 98 with a 40gb Hard drive and Intel Pentium CPU along with 512mb ram.. (lol)

fmdomeOur old domed badges for custom made PC's circa 1996 .

 Since 1998 we have also offered quality internet services for our clients, providing hosting solutions by way of shared, VPS and dedicated web servers. Along with managing registration and maintaining domain names, we provide e-mail services as well as online security and website creation. 

Anyway - Time moves on and as from 1st October 2018 we have slightly adjusted and changed our legal entity to a Limited Company. Still trading under the name of "Falcon Media" but the company is incorporated as Falcon Media Services Ltd.  Moving forward this will give us the diversity in business we want to be better enabled to provide the best service for our clients whilst still keeping with the same standard and employing new staff.

What do you need to do?

If you currently pay by direct debit then you will not need to do anything. Our partner - "Go Cardless" will transfer the direct debit (with your authority) to our new account with HSBC.

If you don't currently pay by direct debit but wish to do so - Then simply follow the link HERE to sign up. It is by far the easiest way to settle your invoices.

However if you normally pay by means of bank transfer then you will need to amend your payee details to show our new account (shown below). The new account details will be shown on each invoice in any case and the information is also available via our client portal.

Also for your accounting you may wish to note a change in our VAT Reg Number shown below. Again all invoices show the new number. Please contact us if you have any questions. Always happy to help.


Bank Details:



Sort Code: 40.23.19

Account Number: 11689738

(Please don't forget to use your invoice number for any non standing orders - one off payments)


VAT Reg No:

GB 304487116


Company Number: 11568436


Many thanks for your continued business,


Paul Large